Alexandra IannoneMy name is Alexandra and I was born in a small city near Lille, France on a snowy evening of April 1989 (sounds poetic, right ?).

I’ve always wanted to work on computers for some reason – apart from the job wishes you have when you’re a child like being a veterinarian. My father was always the first one to think about computers and somehow I got into it too. I created my first crappy website at 9 with FrontPage (remember that ?). This first experience was followed by the will to do something better and to get involved in bigger online projects.

So as a fan of the most famous large screen legacy known as James Bond, I started surfing around several websites and eventually launched my first phpBB forum in 2003 – after being a very active technical moderator for phpBB-fr. I grew a little community of fans into a nice family. Through the years, I made several contacts and started working on what is now the biggest French website about James Bond.

I had the chance to choose the right field of studies from the very beginning. I studied languages (English and Italian) and marketing for 3 years. Then I graduated from a 2-year Master’s degree in e-commerce & English. During this time, I had the opportunity to work for a start-up company for 5 months in 2011. The following year, I realized an old dream and decided to apply for an internship in the USA after a deep research and hard work. E-mails, interviews and some paperwork later, there I was in Miami for 7 awesome months, being the geeky search online optimizer and a HTML / CSS / PHP programmer for a local company.

Today, I am back to this start-up company in Europe – which is not a start-up anymore as a Junior SEO Manager. My geeky side took over and I am always eager to learn more from others and from what I see on the world wide web.

Apart from all of that, you have to know that I love, love and love traveling (NYC makes my heart melt every time I read or hear or see these 3 letters). My family and friends mean the world to me. I also happen to have an awesome fat cat. Finally, I like sports in general, mostly football, judo and running (ran my first 21.1K last june).

Now. I think I’ve said enough but feel free to contact me.

Follow me on Twitter @alxNNN, LinkedIn and Viadeo :) .

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