5 awesome things to learn from an astronaut

An astronaut's guide to life on Earth
I’m currently reading a book from someone I truly admire. You might have heard recently from Commander Chris Hadfield, probably one of the most famous astronauts after Armstrong. He’s back on Earth with an amazing book.

I may love SEO and the secrets of search engines but I’ve always been a curious person on a lot of stuff. Back at the time when I was a child, I used to want to be an astronaut. Fortunately, this isn’t exactly the job I have today (yeah, really). But I’m still amazed by what it represents. More and more celebrities share their life – being that said, there is one “celebrity” who I love to follow because he shares his amazing experiences in space. He makes me dream and reminds me of how beautiful our planet is from up there.

@Cmdr_Hadfield just released an awesome book called An Austronaut’s Guide To Life On Earth. As soon as I knew about it, it was already on my Kindle. He shares all these amazing stories but he also proves one thing : never give up on your dreams and wishes. If you believe just enough and are passionate, then do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals.

Some cool stuff about him :

1. The guy was not even close to accomplish his goal. Back in the 60′s, there was little chance for him to become an astronaut in Canada. Everything took place in the US. Yet, with some motivation and hard work, he became a pilot, then a test pilot and finally a devoted astronaut from Earth and Space. As he said, he “kept moving in the right direction, just in case”. Be passionate.

2. He was the first astronaut to create a song in space along with the video clip. He asked David Bowie’s permission before doing it (see this masterpiece here w/ 19M+ views). Don’t take things too seriously.

3. He spent 166 days in the ISS as a commander. Before being able to go to space, he needed several years of hard training to face the worst and confront death and catastrophes as required by NASA. Never give up.

4. Before starting his space mission, Hadfield had 20,000 followers on Twitter. He began sharing his most amazing pictures from space. Today, more than 1M people follow his adventures. People are interested in people. Share as much as you can.

5. This point is very similar to #4 – I thank Hadfield for sharing all these “How-To” videos because it got me even more interested in something that was closed to people like you and me 15 years ago due to lack of technology. Keep learning :) .

Have fun !

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