7 Links To Check If You’re Bored

It’s freaky Saturday ! Are you in for a few links ? I bet you are :) .

#1 Do Nothing For 2 Minutes
Yes, you heard me. Just RELAX. It’s Saturday.

#2 The best picture on the Internet
Please don’t ask how I got there.

#3 Think twice before sharing your phone number everywhere
I’ve known this website for a while now, but it’s still great to read some of these texts.

#4 Put your dreams in pictures

#5 The mother f*$#ing website
One hell of a website !

6# The BEST commercial ever
Yes, yes ! Please check it out, you will not regret it.

7# On a more serious note
Incredible TED talks to increase your productivity and other cool stuff.

And of course, have a nice weekend mates !

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