SEO’s, you may have to say goodbye to the Keyword Tool

Google Keyword ToolGoogle decided to create a new tool in order to help Adwords users creating their campaigns. Nothing quite shocking right now, but if you’re in the SEO industry, you have to know that this brand new tool called Adwords Keyword Planner¬†will replace the Keyword Tool and the Traffic Estimator. The thing is that this tool will only be available for Adwords customers.

As a SEO in my daily life, I’ve always used the Keyword Tool. First, because it’s from Google itself. Second, because it didn’t require much except a free account in order to have more options. And finally, it is very helpful to know the keywords search volume, competition and many other factors to possibly rank your website.

Well, it seems like it’s the end. Indeed the tool will disappear at the end of July which is I guess a bad news for all the SEO professionals. Be careful here – the tool will disappear but the possibility to monitor keywords search volume will always be available for Adwords customers ONLY. In other words, it won’t be usable externally like it was before. It’s not really clear yet if you’ll only need an Adwords account or if you’ll need to have Adwords campaigns running so don’t panic yet.

I haven’t had the chance to try the Keyword Planner yet since I’ve had a problem to log into my Adwords account tonight but hopefully we’ll know more about it the sooner or the later.

2 thoughts on “SEO’s, you may have to say goodbye to the Keyword Tool

  1. Ivan

    Very interesting. I can see why they would like to make it adsense customers only – to try to drive brand loyalty… even though I think they already have the market cornered.


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