Berlin’s women 10K by Nike

© Nike 10K women's run in Berlin
© Nike 10K women’s run in Berlin – May 24th, 2013

Last night, I had the opportunity to participate in a sort of “unsual” race, dare I say. Well, it was organized by Nike and I think this is the first time there is a women-only race organized by the brand.

If you took the time to read my presentation, you may have noticed that I happen to like running from time to time. I’m not addicted to it though but it is very relaxing, and they say it’s good for your heart, so I’ll take it.

This year’s 10K in Berlin took place at Plötzensee (near Tegel Airport) and I have to say it was very cool. This race was organized also in many other places in the world from the UK to Australia in order to celebrate “girl power”. I’d say this is mostly a thoroughly thought out marketing event by Nike. You basically have to pay 20€ plus 6€ for the chip and you get the spectacle.

This is my third official race and Nike did good in organizing stuff. We had our pack and shirts ready days before – the least when you have about 2,500 women ready to run. You have a special number to access the Nike village and here you can drink, eat or even have a special make-up from professionals before the big race. The race itself was cool although the paths were VERY narrow in the park which made my friend and I walk several times at the beginning and have a very slow pace (about 9min/km). At 5K, first real show by the German army. Some fun people along the run brought loud music. At 7K, the big show came up – music jazzed up all around the place with helicopter sounds and classics to motivate you. I ran this kilometer in 5 minutes sharp so I guess it worked (it’s all in your head after all).

Apart from my very bad pace and final time, I enjoyed it a lot. The atmosphere was great, no competition, just girls running all around and people encouraging you. A nice evening, that’s all we wanted, no matter all the marketing strategy behind.

Here is my official result (ouch) !

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